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Epsylon Protocol
Protocols used to generate yield
We search for the best yield from the best protocols in the ecosystem and build innovative strategies to optimize the funds while doing auto-compounding.



Epsylon Vaults
Our vaults are divided by risk profiles
Currently we have two vaults, Safe (conservative) and High Risk. So users can choose the risk profile they are conformable with.
Conservative Vault - USDC18% APY
Deposit and chill. Low risk vault for conservative users for the peace of mind. Using top tier lending and dexes on Fantom.
High Risk Vault - wFTM80% APY
High risk high reward. Why only hodl your Fantoms when you can hodl them and earn 100% apy at the same time. We use Tomb finance a 800M protocol.
Moderate Vault - USDC50% APY
This is the house specialty, we will be experimenting with leverage and "Impermanent Lost" to give you a great apy with tolerable moderate risk.
Epsylon & DeFi
Learn more about Epsylon & the power of DeFi

Check out our documentation to find more about Epsylon and our plans for the future. We also have detailed blogs explaining how Epsylon works and our yield strategies.

If you like Epsylon and want to contribute, we have a referral program where you earn a portion of the yield.

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